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  • Waseer Law Professional Corporation
    403-2679 Howard Ave.
    Windsor, Ontario N8X 3X2

    10-01-2019 07:56PM
  • Canada Car Detailing
    2708 Scarsdale Road, Windsor,N8R1R3
    Windsor, Ontario N8R1R3

    We are national mobile car detailing company choice for thousands of Canadians. We use nothing but
    08-06-2019 06:17AM
  • Trio-Tech MTS
    Windsor, Ontario N8Y 4B8

    Machine Tool Service Installation and moves
    08-05-2019 03:38PM



Co2Sweep provides dry ice blasting, an environmentally friendly method of cleaning equipment & buildings. Dry ice blasting is a process that uses compressed air to propel small pellets of dry ice at high speed to remove contaminates.Dry ice disappears on impact, leaving nothing behind but a clean surface.Ice blasting is similar to other forms of blasting with the exception that dry ice is non abrasive, non conductive, non toxic.Have us reduce your cleaning from days to only hours

Phone: 519 564-0053

Fax: 519 978-2607

1120 Minto Ave.
LaSalle, Ontario N9J 3H8

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