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ZEN Concierge

ZEN Concierge

With the economy still struggling severely, more and more small business owners, entrepreneurs, families, and busy individuals are finding it difficult to pick up the extra slack at the office and then go home to take care of all of their personal tasks and obligations. Many, though, are opting for the benefits of an on-call/when-needed personal assistant service – known as concierge companies. A custom concierge service helps individuals re-define wellness and “change their life from Ordinary to Extraordinary” providing clients the gift of time by assisting with organizing, shopping, errands and more. It represents an innovative solution for the time-challenged individual.
Individuals gain more personal freedom. Companies benefit from the increased productivity since their employees do not need to carry out private or time consuming errands in their work time. Similar to the concierge of a hotel, we care for the needs of our customers at any time, even around the clock (24/7) .

Phone: 519-900-1230

Windsor, Ontario

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