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  • The Cannabis Investor
    3270 Electricity Drive, Suite 213
    Windsor, Ontario N8W 5J1

    The Cannabis Investor is a leading media outlet for Cannabis investment opportunities and breaking
    01-28-2019 10:45PM
  • The Artisans Gifting Company
    Windsor, Ontario N8Y 4H3

    Retail Quilt, Embroidery and Gift Shop
    01-25-2019 06:52PM
  • Steel Roofers
    531 Shaw Road
    Maidstone, Ontario N0L 1G4
    Canada offer high quality steel roofing, metal roofing panels installation &
    01-08-2019 09:25AM

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Emergency Assist

Emergency Assist

Emergency Assist sells and rents two-way voice medical alert systems.  Our product is most useful to individuals recovering from surgery, or for seniors who wish to remain at home rather than go to a long-term care facility.

Emergency Assist’s system is unlike most other systems on the market today.  Unlike other systems where the speaker and microphone are at a fixed location on the base station, in Emergency Assist’s system, the microphone and speaker are in the pendant you are able to wear in and around your home.  If you are in need of help and press the button, using the pendant, you will be able to engage in a two-way voice conversation with the call centre instead of needing to be in speaking range of the base system.  Feel at ease knowing you can call for help and talk to a live person right from where you are. 

Go to our website,, today and watch a quick video to better understand how the system works!

Phone: (855) 271-6912

4050 Walker Road, Suite 145
Windsor, Ontario N8W 3T5

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